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Pisa Shot Glass 50
£3.25 Ex. VAT
Dimensions: 57mm
Capacity: 50ml (2 oz)
Tall Vodka Shot 60
£3.78 Ex. VAT
Dimensions: 105mm
Capacity: 60ml (2 oz)
Stelvio Tumbler 160
£3.87 Ex. VAT
Capacity: 160ml/5.5oz
Dimensions: 100mm
London Juice 210
£4.09 Ex. VAT
Capacity: 210ml/7.25oz
Dimensions: 80mm
Borgonovo London Old Fashioned
£4.62 Ex. VAT
Aurelia High Ball 330
£4.75 Ex. VAT
Dimensions: 120mm
Capacity: 330ml (11.5 oz)
Aurelia Water Glass 270
£4.75 Ex. VAT
Dimensions: 95mm
Capacity: 270ml/10oz
Borgonovo Ducale Tumbler 490
£4.97 Ex. VAT
  • Box Quantity: 6
  • Capacity: 17.25oz/ 490ml
Borgonovo London Double Old Fashioned
£4.97 Ex. VAT
Aurelia Double Old Fashioned Glass
£5.45 Ex. VAT
Dimensions: 105mm
Capacity: 340ml (12oz)
London High Ball 355
£5.50 Ex. VAT
Capacity: 355ml/12.5oz
Dimensions: 120mm
Ducale Wine Glass 21
£5.85 Ex. VAT
Capacity: 210ml (7¼oz)
Dimensions: 170mm
Stelvio High Ball 330
£5.98 Ex. VAT
Capacity: 330ml/11.5oz
Dimensions: 151mm
Aurelia High Ball 420
£6.16 Ex. VAT
Dimensions: 125mm
Capacity: 420ml (14.75 oz)
London High Ball 415
£6.55 Ex. VAT
Capacity: 415ml/14.5oz
Dimensions: 130mm
 Ducale Champagne Flute 170
£6.68 Ex. VAT
Capacity: 170ml/6oz
Dimensions: 200mm
Pisa 80 Cup
£6.68 Ex. VAT
Dimensions: 60mm
Capacity: 80ml (2.5oz)
Conical Stacking High Ball
£6.86 Ex. VAT
Dimensions: 140mm
Capacity: 355ml (12.5oz)
Caraffa Indro 0.25 Litre
£7.04 Ex. VAT
Dimensions: 155mm
Capacity: 250ml (9oz)
Tazze Cappuccino
£7.04 Ex. VAT
Dimensions: 97mm
Capacity: 335ml (11.75oz)
Ducale Wine Glass 27
£7.48 Ex. VAT
Capacity: 270ml (9½oz)
Dimensions: 185mm
Drop Flute 220
£7.70 Ex. VAT
Capacity: 220ml/7.75oz
Dimensions: 215mm
Ducale Wine Glass 31
£7.74 Ex. VAT
Capacity: 310ml/10.75oz
Dimensions: 195mm
V Series Double Old Fashioned 350
£7.74 Ex. VAT
Capacity: 350ml/12¼oz
Dimensions: 120mm
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