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Dudson crockery

By | Latest News

Official suppliers of Dudson crockery

We are delighted to announce that Red Moon has recently partnered with Dudson, bringing their beautiful British-made crockery to your tables.

Dudson’s stunning fine china ranges and their fantastic finest vitrified products can now be purchased from Red Moon at great prices.

To celebrate we are offering 10% off all Dudson crockery ranges until March 2016.
Click here to browse the range.

At your service

By | Latest News

We were recently featured in the local press, showcasing what we do for clients in the local area. See the full article below and click the image to download a pdf copy.Arcticle

Sport Relief Challenge

By | Latest News


A theory that’s been around since the media-eval times of You’ve Been Framed, Schadenfreude is the pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. We here at Red Moon experience that on a daily basis. Such as when someone’s fridge breaks down after their warranty expires or when a neglectful bartender with a possible hangover accidentally smashes several shelves worth of beer glasses, or when, well, you get the picture. But as a general law of physics, karma’s finally arrived- in the form of voting and you. Just do the following: Read More

NRB Show 2014

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The Northern Restaurant and Bar exhibition starts on the 18th and 19th of March and it’s all everyone in the office seems to be talking about. Being our first year of partaking in the event, we wanted to be as creative as possible. And what’s more ingenious than free alcohol? We’ve decided to take heed of the latter part of the show’s title and showcase our range of contemporary bar products. Read More