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Steels and Knife Sharpeners

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Vogue Sharpening Stone
£5.93 ex. VAT
8'' x 2'' x 1''. With coarse and fine faces.
Folding Diamond Steel
£7.92 ex. VAT
Coarse Steel
£10.78 ex. VAT
Vogue Manual 2-stage Knife Sharpener
£13.99 ex. VAT
With diamond and ceramic wheel blades
Manual Knife Sharpener
£14.81 ex. VAT
Vogue Diamond Steel
£15.01 ex. VAT
12'' oval sharpening steel.
Victorinox Steel - Nylon Handle
£15.50 ex. VAT
10'' sharpening rod. Stainless steel blade with anti-slip nylon handle.
Dual Whetstone
£16.63 ex. VAT
Rubicut Knife Sharpener
£20.75 ex. VAT
With high performance sharpening wheels.
Sharpening Steel
£27.34 ex. VAT
Stainless steel. 320mm (12'') rod.
Victorinox Steel - Black Handle
£30.50 ex. VAT
12'' round rod. Stainless steel blade with black polypropylene handle.
Knife Sharpener
£32.33 ex. VAT
Water filled for a whetstone finish.
Chantry Knife Sharpener
£38.80 ex. VAT
Professional pull through knife sharpener.
Dick Sharpening Steel
£39.71 ex. VAT
Dick Diamond Blade Steel
£54.18 ex. VAT
Dick Rapid Steel Action Sharpening Set
£84.85 ex. VAT
Steel sharpening set. 520(h) x 50(w) x 35(d)mm.
110 Knife Sharpener
£84.88 ex. VAT
Ideal in the smaller establishment.
Dickoron Sharpening Steel
£86.66 ex. VAT
Asian Knife Sharpener
£90.95 ex. VAT
Designed especially for Asian style knives.
Dick Titan Sharpening Steel
£108.33 ex. VAT
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